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Sebastian Crow Shoe
Sebastian Crow ShoeScorpion Sting - East Ottawa
With over four years in the business, Sebastian has built a career helping those looking to express themselves through the art of tattooing.
Clients walk out of the studio feeling at home in the tattoos that Sebastian creates.
His styles range from old school traditional, black and grey realism to Smooth greywashes, decorative imagery, bright and bold colors.
He also embraces custom pieces that clients can’t get anywhere else
Nate Hartley
Nate HartleyHeavy Rayne INKorporated Tattoo & Piercings
Nate Hartley is a NBCCD alumni practicing tattooing at Heavy Rayne Ink in Fredericton, NB. He enjoys cover ups, abstract work and traditional. You can check out his work on his Instagram, nate9the3great, or under the tag #natehartleytattoos. You can also look at–
Patrick Desautels
Patrick DesautelsL'Atelier X Tattoo
At the X Tattoo Workshop, Patrick and his staff offer a unique experience
in their private studio located very close to downtown Montreal. Take a look at his amazing work and book an appointment with Patrick
Nicky Lang
Nicky LangViolet and Fern
Nicky is the owner of Violet and Fern Tattoo located in downtown Fredericton. Violet and Fern is a quality custom tattoo studio known for cover ups, freehand, black & Grey, vivid colours, and crisp lines. Hit Nicky up for some new ink at the 2019 Fredericton Tattoo Expo.
Amber Thorpe
Amber ThorpeOwner & Artist at Adept Tattoos
I grew up in Niagara Falls, Ontario where I studied Fine Arts at Stamford Collegiate.

I started my career in 1998 at Way Cool Tattoos under Harley Charlie (RIP) and Crazy Ace (RIP). I learned all there is to know about cleaning, scrubbing, sterilization and how a tattoo studio functions professionally. After about six months of cleaning and drawing, I finally got to do my first piercing.
About a year later, I received an opportunity to open a shop in Medicine Hat, Alberta called Extreme Tattoos with Charlie. I began my tattoo apprenticeship under him. After three years of learning, I decided to venture out on my own. I moved to Calgary and found myself at the Arthouse Inc.
I opened Adept Tattoos in May of 2006. Two hours after I opened the door, a gentleman came in for a tattoo. I asked him what he wanted and he said the Alexander Keith’s deer. So that was the first tattoo I did in Halifax. Since then I started The Maritime Tattoo Festival.
The festival has kept me on my toes and hanging out with some of the best artists to date. I try to keep a hungry outlook on tattoos and my art. I have won numerous awards and am Blood Bourne pathogen certified.
The Rose design is available and I would love to tattoo it in Fredericton.

Mitchell Curtis
Mitchell CurtisCarved In Stone Tattoo
Mitchell Curtis, Owner/Artist of Carved In Stone Tattoo in Greenwood, Nova Scotia. Tattooing since 2005 primarily in realism and dark art imagery. Mitchell will have a table of drawings available to be tattooed at the Fredericton tattoo expo, please drop by the booth to say hello!
Aly Parsons
Aly ParsonsThe Rising Tide Tattoos
Ally is a hand poked artist. What is a hand poked tattoo? Basically exactly what it sounds like–a tattoo created by poking the ink into your skin using a needle attached to a stick instead of using a mechanical gun. Interested in a hand poked tattoo, or have any questions. Talk to Ally.
Tony Steylen
Tony SteylenThe Rising Tide Tattoo
Tony is back for year #2 of the Fredericton Tattoo Expo. He was here last year and we were hoping he would sign up again for 2019. Tony works out of The Rising Tide Tattoo shop in Sydney Nova Scotia but travels to as many conventions as he can. Check out Tony’s instagram page for more samples of his amazing work and book with him today!!
Deryk Currie
Deryk CurrieThe Rising Tide Tattoo
Deryk Currie is a tattoo artist based in Sydney Nova Scotia at The Rising Tide Tattoo. This is Deryk’s first time at the Fredericton Tattoo Expo so make him feel welcome and keep him busy while he’s here Fredericton. Drop by his instagram page and check out his amazing work.

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