Charities Supported by the Fredericton Tattoo Expo

The 2018 Fredericton Tattoo Expo was very happy to support The Fredericton SPCA, The Kingswood Turnaround Achievement Awards and the IWK. The money was raised through 50/50 draws all weekend and the tattoo contest entry fee of $10.00 per tattoo. The total donation from the 2018 Expo was $3,041.00. Thank you very much for supporting the charities.

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Fredericton Homeless Shelter Inc.

We operate two shelters in Fredericton – a Men’s Shelter with 35 plus beds and Grace House for Women with 12 beds.
Each year, nearly 500 men and women will stay at the Shelters. In total, we provide nearly 15,000 bed nights to homeless men and women in the Fredericton area. The length of stay ranges from one day to several months, depending on each client’s circumstances. The Shelters are open 23 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Approximately 75% of our clients suffer from a mental illness, either diagnosed or undiagnosed; up to 80% contend with addiction – drugs, alcohol, gambling. Low literacy skills and/or learning disabilities are common. Of course, many of our clients face a combination of challenges. It is estimated that less than 10% are employable for steady full-time work.

We have provided shelter for men and women as young as 16 years of age and as old as 83 years of age.

Fredericton Homeless Shelter

Our Mission
“To provide a safe, clean and supportive environment for the homeless.”


Liberty Lane

LIBERTY LANE is a charitable organization that offers Second Stage Housing to women and children who have experienced family violence. We are located in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Liberty Lane has two programs:
Second Stage Housing is safe housing for women (and their children) leaving an abusive partner.  Liberty Lane has an apartment building with individual units for each woman.  They pay affordable rent and utilities during a 12 month lease.  Support services are provided at the apartment building as well.
Learn more here.

The Family Violence Prevention Outreach program provides support for women who are, or who have been, in an abusive relationship.  Our outreach workers meet with women out in the community.

Liberty Lane

We believe every woman knows what is best for her; she is the expert on her own life. We are here to help her do what is best for her.


The Kingswood Turnaround Achievement Awards

In 1992, Kingswood attended a conference in the United States where they learned about the Turnaround Achievement Awards Program; a program to recognize students for turning their lives around. In 1994, they initiated their own program in School District 18. They invited District 17 to participate in 1995.

Forever it seems, students have deservingly been awarded for academic, athletic, and artistic achievement. Now we are recognizing students who have struggled to turn their lives around. In the past twenty-three years, students have been honored with an evening to mark their special accomplishments. The program reflects marked improvement in personal behavior, attitude, and academics. It demonstrates that there are students with serious educational and personal challenges who alter their future by changing their attitude.

Over 910 students have been honored in Districts 17 and 18 over the past twenty-three years and $354,000 in scholarship money has been awarded. It is Kingswood and the Turnaround Achievement Award Committee’s commitment to this program that makes it a success.

Kingswood Turnaround Achievement Award

Recognizing Students that have demonstrated effort, commitment and perseverance.


New Brunswick College of Craft and Design

Imagine a place that nurtures your individuality and empowers your creativity — a place where your talents, passion and dreams become a career. Established in 1938, the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (NBCCD) is the only college in Canada that focuses entirely on fine crafts and applied design.

At NBCCD you will discover your unique creative voice; you will inspire and be inspired by your peers and instructors; and you will become a life-long member of a community of artists that are crafting and designing their careers around the world.

Whichever program you choose to study, at NBCCD you will graduate with tangible and transferable skills — creativity, critical thinking, innovation, collaboration, resiliency and adaptability — assets needed in today’s growing creative economy.

At NBCCD, your future is in your hands!


Turn Your Passion Into A Career


2019 Proceeds

Fridays 50/50 will go to the Fredericton Homeless Shelter Inc

Saturdays 50/50 will go to the Kingswood Turnaround Achievement Awards

Sundays 50/50 will go to Liberty Lane

The $10.00 entry fee for the Tattoo Contest will go towards a scholarship for a deserving student of the
New Brunswick College of Craft and Design